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The Company
Laser Cutting - Ceramics Ltd is a new name for an old, established company. As the Ceramics Division of The Laser Cutting Company Ltd, it pioneered the use of laser technology to become one of Europe's leading forces in its practical and commercial application.

The company has been supplying precision laser cut ceramic substrates to the micro-electronics industry since 1981. Its policy of continual improvement and innovation has satisfied the industry's demand for ever increasing levels of quality and complexity, whilst meeting ever shorter delivery dates.

This level of experience and industry expertise has also enabled us to develop overseas markets, and we now supply laser cut components to many of the leading hybrid microelectronics companies throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

The company specialises in laser cutting materials for the microelectronics industry and other markets requiring high quality precision laser cutting.

A key aspect of our service is the commitment we make to every customer. This includes understanding your exact requirements, supplying a level of quality that matches those requirements, and delivering on time and at a price that is realistic.

Please contact David Greaves or Nicola Bennet or Aimee Greaves for further information about our services or for a catalogue describing our service in more detail.

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