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Thick Film Design Rules

  • The following rules are effective for the draft of thick film structures.
  • These rules are continuously updated.
  • The instructions are absolutely informative and represent only some guide lines for a circuit design.

Thick Film Design Rules

Substrate materials:
  • Aluminium nitride ceramic (AlN)
  • other ceramics in compliance with customer request
Substrates / Panel dimensions:
  • standard: 4” x 4”
  • maximum: 4.5” x 4.5”
Substrate thicknesses:
  • standard: 0.635 mm (25 mil)
  • minimum: 0.254 mm (10 mil)
  • other thicknesses and shapes in compliance with customer request

Thick Film Design Rules

Ink systems The thick film inks noted below can be used.
  • Ag/Pd
  • Ag
  • Au
  • Ag/Pt
Multilayer / Insulation:
  • Cross-over or multilayer structures with insulation / dielectric ink.

Thick Film Design Rules

Layers structure
Substrates printed on one side:
  • Conductor lines recommended as the first printing level.
  • Up to 3 conductor layers can be made with dielectric layer between them.
  • Subsequent conductor layers will use the same conductor material as 1st layer.
  • Multi layer structure is possible with filled via connections through the dielectric layers.
Substrates printed on both sides:
  • Single back side layer (not connected to front).
  • Drilled filled via connecting front to back side

Thick Film Design Rules

Layout rules
Distances of the printed structures to the substrate edge:
All of the following measures are valid for substrate edges as well as for scribe lines, in case of several single substrates were printed on one large substrate:
  • distance edge – conductor line: > 0.2 mm
  • distance edge – resistor: > 0.5 mm
  • distance edge – isolation: > 0.3 mm
  • distance edge – glaze: > 0.3

Thick Film Design Rules

Design of conductor lines:
Conductor lines in one printing level
Conductor lines are printed directly on the substrate or the dielectric respectively.
For the minimum conductor width the dimensions below must be kept:
On substrate
width (min)
On dielectric
width (min)
AgPd>0.2 >0.2
Ag>0.2 >0.2
Au>0.15 >0.2
  • When widths and distances are less than 0.25 mm, the distance between two conductor lines should be 0.05 mm larger than their width.
  • When widths and distances of the conductor lines are greater than 0.25 mm, they can be printed in the same relation.
  • Conductor lines can be printed at any angles to the substrate edge.
  • When printing conductor lines on dielectric, a side distance to the dielectric edge of 0.3 mm must be guaranteed.
  • When printing over the dielectric edge it is advisable to graduate the dielectric edge

Printing Capabilities

MSP-485 Precision Screen Printer:
  • Mechanical repeatability of /- 0.0002" ~ 5 µm
  • Advanced U-Lign IV™ system with two high resolution CCD cameras, enable to achieve a +/- 0.001 " ~ 25 µm layer to layer repeatability.

Actual Firing Capabilities

  • Max Temperature - 1050 deg.C
  • Typical Temp. Uniformity - +/- 2 deg. C

Dicing Capabilities

  • Resolution - 0.2 µm.
  • Accuracy - 2.0 µm.
  • Repeatability - 1.0 µm .

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